Basement Conversions in Harrogate | Four Commonly Asked Questions


Basement conversions have grown in popularity in recent years. This may be due to their cost-effective nature, flexibility or size of the space achieved. As you can tell, homeowners around Harrogate and the surrounding Yorkshire area have every reason to consider such a conversion. If you live in the region and would like to discuss basements with the qualified experts, then look no further than BDS Conversions Ltd.


In this blog post, we aim to give you a brief overview of basement conversions – answering some common questions so you can make an informed decision. Please call us if you live in Harrogate or the nearby areas and would like to learn more about the conversion process.


What Is a Basement Conversion?


Some homeowners are lucky enough to own a basement, but that space often remains forgotten and neglected. Basement conversions transform these disused environments into bright and liveable spaces that support a wide range of lifestyles. Some conversions around Harrogate involve excavation work, while others make an existing space habitable.


Why Should I Convert My Basement?


Basement conversions deliver the space you need, but unlike an existing room, will cater to your specific needs. You can spread your creative wings and go a little wild with your plans, as long as it’s practical for the amount of room achieved. In addition, a converted basement can add up to 20% to the resale value of your house, making it a smart investment for anyone in Harrogate or the Yorkshire district.


It’s also worth noting that basement conversions can serve as dedicated storage areas, making it easier to keep the rest of the house clean and tidy.


What Does a Basement Conversion Require?


Aside from a professional conversion team, your space will need to comply with current Building Regulations. This is vital for structural integrity and the safety of the home itself. It might also need planning permission if there’s a significant change of use. Whether in Harrogate or the surrounding Yorkshire area, basement conversions need efficient ventilation, the proper ceiling height, safe electrical wiring and an obvious fire escape route.


Damp proofing protects against water damage, mould and fungi. Standing water can rot the environment over time, so we take the necessary steps to keep your basement dry.


What Can I Do With It?


From bedrooms to play areas, game rooms, home cinemas and even recording studios, basement conversions can accomplish so much. For those in Harrogate or the nearby areas who now work from home, a converted basement can serve as an essential office space. With some personal touches, it may even grow to become your favourite room in the house.


BDS Conversions Ltd carries out a friendly consultation process and guides homeowners throughout the process. We answer questions at any stage, which ensures you can relax with peace of mind while we bring your project to completion.

Whether you need basement conversions in Harrogate or elsewhere in the Yorkshire district, please speak with BDS Conversions Ltd on 0113 4508 852.

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