Loft Conversions in Leeds | How to Make Your Loft Into the Perfect Office Space


Have you started working from home? What was once a privilege for a select few has surged in popularity, leading the way for new laptop and desk purchases. That said, with a new way of life comes fresh challenges, and many of us in the Leeds area struggle to find a quiet space in which to work. If this sounds familiar, then BDS Conversions Ltd can help. Specialising in loft conversions, our team can modernise your dusty attic into a beautiful environment where you can focus on the task at hand.


Although conversions give homeowners a way to create a new bedroom, gaming area, reading space or en-suite, this blog looks at how best to craft a functional office space in the Leeds area.


Consider the Options


A loft conversion can take many forms. Hip-to-gable removes a slope, while mansard expands the roof considerably. Dormers prove the most popular, turning the loft into a multipurpose room with traditional windows. On the other hand, you may wish to retain the unique shape of the attic – opting for a rooflight conversion with few structural changes.


It’s a great idea to look at the size of your loft in Leeds or Yorkshire, and plan where you may want a desk, cabinets or break area. This can help you decide which loft conversions prove most suitable for your needs.


Lighting and Glare


The new office in Leeds should make you feel as passionate about your work as possible. Think about the placement of windows and where you could put your desk in relation to them. You want loft conversions with great lighting, especially in winter when night comes early, but you should also try to avoid glare on the screen where possible.


At BDS Conversions Ltd, we manage all aspects of the conversion process and can help you come up with an efficient layout.


Maximise the Space You Own


Loft conversions give you a spacious area, removed from the hustle and bustle of the home. However, it’s often wise to consider smart ways of reducing clutter. As skilled joiners, we provide fitted wardrobes to clients across Leeds and Yorkshire. In turn, we help our customers make the best use of space, so their loft conversions remain clutter-free even as time marches on, and your work deadlines approach.


The last thing you need is a ‘clothes pile’ in your newly converted office. Our team can plan for new storage options at the start of your project – fitting bespoke solutions that keep the environment neat and tidy.


Don’t Forget the Personal Touches


The secret to staying productive is to ensure your loft conversions in the Leeds area results in a place that you want to spend time in. After all, spending all day in a place that you don’t appreciate only leads to clock watching. To make sure you feel at home, why not add personal touches like pop art, desk trinkets, a feature wall or family photos?


Creating an office in Leeds or the surrounding areas needn’t be stressful – speak to us for loft conversions tailored to your needs.

Please call BDS Conversions Ltd on 0113 4508 852 for loft conversions in Leeds and the surrounding areas of the Yorkshire district. We can provide you with the office you need.

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